3 best home remedies for hair growth

  • Home remedies for hair growth

In this blog, we are going to share with you about 3 best home remedies for hair growth.

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  • How to make curry leaves hair oil (First home remedies for hair growth) 

  • How to make curry leaves hair oil:-

To make this curry leaves hair oil You will require some fresh curry leaves and some fenugreek seeds. Then Take a pan and add fenugreek seeds and add curry leaves to it.You have to roast this both fenugreek seeds and curry leaves.

Now take a pan and put it on a low flame and roast fenugreek seeds and curry leaves until the leaves turn change the color but don't burn them. you will have to roast it for about 3 to 4 minutes.

Instead of roasting this curry leaves, you can use dry curry leaves but you will still need to roast these fenugreek seeds.

After 4 to 5 minutes, turn off the flame and let it cool down for another 5 to 10 minutes and then put it in a mixture and grind them into a fine powder.

Curry leaves can be used as a great stimulant for hair growth either through topical application or through your deities. The ultimate powder is somewhat greenish-brown in color.

 Next, you have to heat some coconut oil and add this powder to it and heat it for about 4 to 5 minutes. 

After 4 to 5 minutes, turn off the flame and let it cool down for another 5 to 10 minutes. 

Once it cools down, strain the oil from the mixture. Then you will get the final extract of curry leaves and fenugreek seeds. It can be used as hair mask or hair pack along with yogurt.

You can make this oil for one-time use if you want to use fresh every time but you can make this oil in more quantity and then store it so that you don't have to go through all this process long process every time. 

  • How to use this curry leaves hair oil:-

Next get some oil and gently massage onto your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes and then let it sit for another 10 to 15 minutes. After that wash your hair with regular shampoo.

Curry leaves constitute a combination of essential nutrients required for growth of the hair. They are rich in antioxidants and amino acids which are capable of reducing hair fall and stimulate hair growth. They help in preventing the hair strength from thinning by means of strengthening the hair follicles.

So, this is the first home remedies for hair growth which is about how to make curry leaves hair oil at home.

  • How to make curry leaf herbal hair mask (Second home remedies for hair growth)  

This is the second home remedies for hair growth. It is about how to make curry leaf herbal hair mask. So, let's begin. 

  • Ingredients for curry leaf herbal hair mask:-

To make this hair mask you will need 1 cup of curry leaf, if you don't have a curry leaf then you may use curry leaf powder by buying it online.

 In that case, you need to use 6 tablespoons of curry leaf powder and you will need yogurt 3 tablespoons. It is highly recommended to use the fresh homemade yogurt, don't use store-bought one.

  • How to make curry leaf herbal hair mask:-

 Now, take your blender and add your curry leaf, make sure you wash your curry leaf before using it in the hair mask.Add 3 tablespoon of yogurt. 

If you're using curry leaf powder, you don't need to blend. Simply add curry leaf powder into the yogurt and make it into a thick paste.  

Make sure that you're blending it into a smooth paste so that you can easily apply it to your hair.

  • How to use this curry leaf herbal hair mask:-

 So, after doing all the process you will get your ultimate curry leaf herbal hair mask ready. Apply this on your scalp and hair for one hour and then wash it with warm water.

 Avoid using chemical based products like shampoo, conditioner, hair gel etc on hair for at least 24 hours. 

That way you will get all benefit from this hair mask. You may use hair mask weekly once for best results. 

  • Benefits of the curry leaf herbal hair mask:-

The benefit of the herbal hair mask is the ingredient used in this hair mask like curry leaf helps in reducing your hair loss.

 It also helps your hair to grow faster, thicker, longer and stronger. Another ingredient yogurt which is rich in natural fat and protein, promote faster hair growth by nourishing and moisturizing your scalp. 

Regularly using this hair mask makes your hair soft and shiny. You may also use other ingredients like Aloe Vera gel, henna leaves powder, amla powder hibiscus powder or you may use all these into it while blending them, so that you will get extra benefit from this hair mask.

So, this is the second home remedies for hair growth which is about how to make curry leaves hair oil at home.

  • Third home remedies for hair growth(fermented rice water for hair )

This is the third home remedies for hair growth. This is a special remedy among all other home remedies for hair growth. This remedy comes from an ancient Chinese village and is even recognized by the Guinness World Book of Records as the world's longest hair village. The women of this village are known for their long and shiny hair. They grow their jet-black hair up to two point one meters or 6.8 feet long and manage to keep it looking strong and healthy even when they're old .so what can their secret is? Is it a shampoo? Is it a conditioner? Is it a serum? Not at all .it's fermented rice water. that's right. It is super simple to make,yet none of us do it.

It is really very powerful. The rice water is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins .Washing your hair with this, will make it shiny, strong, soft and healthy. It is also known to heal scars and reduce fine lines and inflammation. Leaving the skin with a healthy glow .so, here is how you do it.

  • How to make fermented rice water for hair:-

To make this fermented rice water for hair , at first take a cup of rice and put it into a bowl .Then add water to wash away all the dirt and impurities. You can use your hands to clean the rice inside the bowl as well. 

Then remove the water and add another cup of it. After that covered the bowl and keep it for half an hour and stir occasionally.

Then you can pour the rice water with rice into a jar and cover it with a lid. Now all you have to do is wait .

Wait for 24 hours and keep it in room temperature. After 24 hours take a saucepan and using a sieve bowl, pour the rice water into it. You can use the rice for cooking or you can also blend it and use it as a face mask.

Once the rice water begins to boil, you can remove it from the stove and let it cool. After it has cooled down take a spray bottle and using a cute little funnel, pour the rice water into it.

This step is optional but you can also add essential oils to this. Here three drops of lavender oil was add to it .This masks the pungent smell that the rice water has. And now this remedy is ready for application.

  • How to use fermented rice water for hair:-

As usual comb through your hair to make sure it's detangled .Brush through all of it and divide it into two equal parts. Then take one part.

Shake the bottle so that the rice water and essential oil are thoroughly mixed begin. Spraying the remedy from roots to the tip of your hair. 

Use your hairbrush to comb through and spread the remedy evenly. Tangle teezer would be a very good option for this purpose. This is actually a god-sent product for long hair.

Spray all over your hair and once done, you can open the other side and repeat. After that you can just remove the cap of the bottle and pour the rice water on your hands and apply to your scalp .You really have to drench your scalp with this. 

Then start a timer for five minutes and massage your scalp. This will increase blood flow to your hair follicles and strengthen the roots. It will also help you relax and reduce feelings of stress.

If you are going through hair loss, doing this every day morning and night for five minutes will drastically improve hair growth .you don't need to apply anything to your scalp, just for five minutes massage morning and night. 

Once you're done massaging, you can go ahead and tie your hair .keep a timer for 20 minutes and then wash your hair as usual.
So, this is the end of third home remedies for hair growth which is about fermented rice water for hair.

So this is all about 3 best home remedies for hair growth at home. Hope, these home remedies of hair growth helps you to grow your hair.

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